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2010 June 27
Posted by admin
Considered by many to be the structural bones of any piece of art or photo that is going to be hung on a wall for show, framing not only has to be purposeful but appealing as well. When mounting photo frames full of memories or art that breathes life into those that gaze upon it, the framing must accent and complement with what it will be holding.
On almost every single wall, shelf, and even the ceiling, picture frames are found hanging in almost every property around the world. Placed ever so slightly to the left or right, dead centre, or tipped a bit uneven to one side, they are made from a number of materials and come in many sizes. Round or oval, square or rectangular, picture frames married with the right masterpiece or photo can infuse a room with a wide array of feelings. Representing different stages of life like the birth of a child, a third grade painting, or the ever marvelous wedding pictures, framing those events in history and hanging them on the wall brings a smile to any face that looks upon them.
Over the years, modern thinking has birthed a creative concept of turning picture frames themselves into art. Void of anything within the frame, hanging empty frames has become a way to design a room and give it texture. To take a white wall and fill it with golden or black photo frames makes a design statement that is notable, yet simply chic. The possible combinations are endlessly fun, and easily shows the uniqueness of one’s imagination. Framing also has reached a whole new technological level as well. Computers are allowing the invention of digital photo frames to be created by a user and then displayed on computers and flat screen televisions as well as digital photo frames.
Whether it is a contemporary wooden frame outlining an exquisite work of art, a small frame holding a photo of a new baby, or a frame that is simply empty, framing is an absolute must. Strength, accent, and protection are all provided by picture frames of every size, shape, and colour. So before hanging that next oil painting or that fabulous photo, consider the picture frame and all of it’s beauty that it has to offer.